From its beginning in railroad construction, Dunn moved into road construction and other heavy construction projects. Today, Dunn bids and performs general contracts involving industrial roads, storage yards, parking lots, subdivisions, municipal streets, airport taxiways and runways, resurfacing, and interstate and highway construction. 

Most of Dunn's roadwork relies on one or more of the company's asphalt plants located in the east central, central and north west sections of Alabama. These plants produce asphalt for other contractors as well as Dunn's crews.

Through the years, Dunn Construction has expanded its areas of operation. Dunn Roadbuilders is a sister company of Dunn Construction Company, Inc., and serves the east central and southeast sections of Mississippi. In addition to its asphalt plants, Dunn owns and maintains a substantial inventory of mobile road building equipment capable of handling jobs of all sizes.

Experienced personnel coordinate all of Dunn's road construction activities. Dunn's road building management team understands the specific requirements of road construction. We stress quality, delivered on schedule, at a competitive price.

Dunn Goals

For Dunn Roadbuilders employees, we will strive to be a company of quality people who are provided with excellent opportunities to personally grow and prosper. Working in a progressive business environment, our employees will seek challenge and accept pride in jobs well done.

For our customers, we seek to provide quality work and products on time, in a courteous and professional manner, at a fair price. By this approach, our goal is to promote repeat business through satisfied customers.

For Dunn's stockholders, we will work to earn profits that are an attractive return on equity, are commensurate with risks taken, and grow steadily. We will also operate the Company in a manner which gives stockholders pride of ownership.

We will work aggressively to achieve a position of leadership in the construction industry in terms of business conduct, cost performance, and market position. By dealing fairly and professionally with subcontractors, material suppliers, architects, engineers, and other firms, we seek association with the best companies.

Dunn will seek to earn the public's respect as a good corporate citizen. We will strive to maintain first class physical facilities that enhance communities. We will seek to employ a professional organization whose participation in public affairs is sought and is productive.

Dunn's Statement of Values

Service to our customers, employees, communities, and shareholders is the reason our businesses exist. In this service we deeply value:


We commit to work together fairly and safely, holding these values for the common good.


"Hot, black, and sticky": a brief definition of quality bituminous asphalt in the recent past. "Superpave, smoothness, polymer additives, restricted zones, fine aggregates, angularity, pay factors, warranty work, certification": some of the growing list of terms associated with bituminous asphalt today. In the past ten years, a national research effort has been underway to determine and implement methods of designing, producing, placing and testing bituminous asphalt. The objective of the research is to produce longer lasting, better performing bituminous asphalt pavement. To this end, Dunn Roadbuilders has expanded its Quality Control/Quality Assurance (QC/QA) Division. Our QC/QA personnel undergo extensive training and testing, both in-house and through Mississippi Asphalt Pavement Association courses, to become certified by the Mississippi Department of Transportation in various aspects of the design and testing of bituminous asphalt. Dunn's goal, simply stated, is to produce quality bituminous asphalt pavements that exceed the requirements and expectations of our clients.